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What if more than one individual at a residence would benefit from a 911READY membership?

Many households may benefit from more than one resident having a 911READY profile. For that reason, the 911READY program annual fee is $40 for the first membership within a residence and you are able to add-on additional residents at the same residence for only $10 each per year.

What if the member splits time between two addresses?

Each member must have a primary address but may also add a secondary address (for example the address of another parent with joint custody or a work address where the member spends significant time). IMPORTANT: The addresses must always be in participating cities for 911READY alerts. If your city is not participating, you may ask them to visit our site to complete a department participation request.

What if a member moves to a new address during the year of their membership?

If the new address is in a participating city, simply update the member's profile in the system (please note that updates are not done in real-time and there will be processing time for updates). If the new address is in a city that is not participating in the 911READY program, you may ask them to visit our website to complete a department participation request form. Annual fees are non-refundable for any reason.

Who will see a member's information?

The 911READY system is secure. The information voluntarily provided in a membership profile will only be shared with 911READY administrators and the participating police department.

Can a membership be refunded?

No, there are no refunds given on annual fees for any reason.

How does 911READY help with vehicular emergencies?

Included in the annual membership price is a 911READY decal that participating first responders have been trained to recognize as a program participant. But that just acts as one last "heads up" to responders. More importantly, member profiles allow license plate uploads, so that during an emergency, a responder can get a 911READY alert when running a tag number