Trevor Kamine

Technology Manager & App Administrator

app.911READY.info Developer, System Engineer

Trevor Kamine is Vice President of the Metro-Detroit company Ping Software USA. He is the father of two young men, a software engineer, and a recent amputee. When Trevor underwent his amputation in April of 2019, he searched for greater good. Instead of questioning, "Why me?", Trevor chose to search for the service he was meant to fill. He considers it a rare thing in life to stumble across something that resonates as 911READY did with him. As he listened to the thoughts of the initial system needs, he immediately assimilated himself into the use case. He knew this was the project that he was meant to help develop. As a software engineer, he had the resources at his disposal to help create this life changing technology. He's proud to be a part of this platform to deliver the coverage you need!

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